Reimers Woodwork and Construction | Tiny House
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Tiny House

A finished Tiny House can have a custom layout that has a kitchenette, a space for a bed, basic furniture, a shower and a toilet. It can be heated with an electrical wall heater, propane stove or wood stove.



I prefer to get most of the cedar from a local salvage mill. All other materials are new from the building supply store. If possible I use used materials but just on non structural parts of the construction. The windows are custom made vinyl double glass.



I recommend two electrical setups, 12v DC circuits for LED lighting and 12v appliances and AC circuits for normal outlets, household appliances and heating.

Another option is to have the electrical set up in a way, that allows to add solar panels and a battery bank later down the road.


The washroom can have a shower and sink. The toilet can be either composting or water flush style. I personally like the shower to be on the outside of the Tiny House.



Next to a big sink there is a propane stove top or oven, and under the counter there is a fridge and a propane on demand hot water heater.



The cost of the Tiny House on a trailer starts between 40k-60k depending on size, materials, appliances and special requests/amenities.