Reimers Woodwork and Construction | the freedom of small
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Inspired by seeing a Tiny House in a documentary in 2013 I started researching and planning to build a tiny house myself. The concept of living with a small footprint was always part of my life and the idea of living in a Tiny House fitted my lifestyle perfectly. I believe that living small and using fewer resources is a path towards a more sustainable future.

It combines simple living with comfort. They are humble and elegant and are both functional and efficient while being affordable.

Over a period of one and a half years, while working full time, I built a 20 foot Tiny House on wheels. Being able to own land will take me many more years, therefore building on wheels was the perfect choice for me. A Tiny House built on a trailer makes it possible to own a small affordable humble home without ownership of land.

I put a lot of attention to all steps of the building process. I was very thankful for the input I had along the way from an experienced builder that helped me to thrive for the highest quality.

Now I am carving out time in my life to make this passion into an income. After building a Tiny House and living in it for over two years, I now dedicate my skills and experience to building and assisting with building more small homes.